Fan For Life Fest 2015

Saturday, April 18, Seaport Village, Map If You Need It

Another Successful Year! See a short report and photos here


Fan For Life Fest is a fundraising event put on by the John Brockington Foundation. This event raises funds for people who are on a wait list for organ transplants and helps pay for food, housing, and emergency funds.

Our part? Help build Frustrationless Flyers and help keep them in the air. This is not really about us flying our kites but helping kids and families fly theirs. There is also an 8ft ROK for the kite sponsor that we try and keep in the air.

The event is from 4 – 7 pm in the grassy area at the end of Embarcadero Marina Park North, see the map link above but you know it. The winds have proven to be a challenge at this time of day the last two years.

Let President Dave know if you can help at:

More info about Fan For Life Here