Kite Stories and Adventures

This page is open to provide members a way to share their favorite kite moments or adventures. Go on a major kite trip? Have a great outing at your local park? Get a great smile because you saved a kite outing for newbies?

Well tell us about it! To start out we have a trip to a new kite festival, some member YouTube channels and a tie in to the Americas Cup. What is your favorite kite story?

Community and Unity Kite Festival 2021

Francisco Uribe YouTube Kite Channel 

Vernon Whites Rev Maneuvers YouTube Videos

John and Virgil and Dennis and Americas Cup

SDKC Mini Banners

A Trip To KAPICA 2016

Amateur Radio and Kite Project

Revolution Reflex Specs

Glenn Mitchell Video –  

Fun with Girl Scouts 2015

Ron Gets Judgemental

Charles and Don

2014 AKA Trip

Harold Myers Video Series

Ron Despojado Travels To the Far East

Rick Spurgeon – Diary of a Wimpy KAP’er

The Missing Banner by A Shameless Nameless Person

Kite Party Lessons by Les Miller

Fly Like Quadzilla

Kelli and the Hummingbird by Dave Corning

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