2016 Rev Shootout

The September General Meeting will feature our annual Revolution Shootout/Competition. This is a good way to get a taste of competition in a formal yet friendly format. Competitors will each fly and be judged on 3 figures.

Figure 1 – MI-04 Two Down

YouTube video here:

Judges will particularly consider:
Parallel lines
Inverted flight
Center Rotation
Speed Control


Figure 2 – MI-19 Bumps
MI-19YouTube Video Here:

Judges Will Particularly Consider:
Speed Control
Relative Placement of Components
Position within the grid


Figure 3 MI-20 Lift
MI-20Sorry no video but here is an animation:

Judges Will Particularly Consider:
Vertical Line
Backward Flight
Speed Control


Figures and explanations borrowed from the ISK Compulsaries Book found on the AKA Website Here