February General Meeting

Saturday, February 11, Tecolote Shores, Map If You Need It

Fly All Day, Meeting at Noon’ish Sharp
Signs at Tecolote Shores say parking is closed on Saturday until Noon.
History says you might be able to park a bit sooner but no promises.
This will delay the start of the Fighter Kite Competition until sometime after the 1100 start stated on your postcard.
Some early starters will likely go to Mariners Point for awhile then move to Tecolote Shores later.

Lunch: Yes as almost always, Your donation welcome to help cover costs.
Want to bring lunch for the group? Contact Iris at treasurer@sandiegokiteclub.org

Activity:Annual Fighter Kite Challenge (rescheduled from a soggy New Years Eve Day)
Club Class: Everyone flies the same type kite supplied by the Club (this year Buka’s for $6) and the winner gets a coveted Paper Dragon Trophy from Prez Dave.
Open Class:Bring and fly your favorite fighter. Winner gets their name on the Perpetual Trophy and custody for a year (I believe).
Hot Tip: Best to bring your own fighter kite line if you can but it is likely possible for novices to borrow some if needed.
Hot Tip II: This is a very friendly competition and a great event for novices to get a taste of kite fighting American style.