April General Meeting

Saturday, April 14, Tecolote Shores, Mission Bay, Map If You Need It 

Signs Say Tecolote Shores and Sea World Drive are Closed On Saturday until 10am!!
You early arrivers can sleep in a little

Update!! New Signs say parking at Tecolote Shores is closed until 2pm. It hasn’t been called yet but remember our alternate meeting location is at Mariners Point. Map if you need it HERE

Time: Fly All Day, Meeting Noon’ish Sharp

Lunch: Almost Certainly. Want to he a HERO and supply lunch for the club? Let Iris know at treasurer@sandiegokiteclub.com

Activity: Fly Kites. Bonus Points If You Have a Tax Related Kite!
Update: Turns Out There Will Be A Prize For A Tax Related Kite!

There Will Be At Least One Tax Kite!