December General Meeting

Saturday, December 11, Tecolote Shores, Mission Bay, Map If You Need It

Time: Fly All Day, Meeting Noon’ish Sharp

Lunch: Almost Certainly. Want to he a HERO and arrange lunch for the club? Let Iris know at

Activity: Practice for the Dec 31st Fighter Kite Competition/Fly.
Wacky Holiday Gift Exchange. Basics – Bring a wrapped gift, take a gift home. General Rules – All gifts put in a pile. Names are drawn of participants one at a time. First person picks a gift and opens it. Next person drawn can pick a new gift or steal a gift from anyone who has already opened one. The person whos gift was stolen gets another and opens it. Any one gift can only be stolen twice. Third owner keeps it. Rinse and repeat until all gifts are gone and all participants have a gift.
Gifts – something in the $20 range is the goal. Ideally something kite related but not strictly enforced. Something you would want to receive.