Double Nine At Greenwood Event

Sunday October 9
Greenwood Memorial Park, 4300 Imperial Ave, San Diego, 92113
Map If You Need ItĀ 

Time: Still settling on exact time but between 10am and 4pm, more or less.

What: Flying kites in support of the Cemetaries first Cheung Yeung Celebration (the Google is your friend here).

Why For Us: You are invited to fly in a Cemetary! Plus, the SDKC treasure gets a sizable donation!

All kites are welcome but they are especially interested in ‘Creature Kites”. Dragons, Tigers, etc.

Tom K. visited the site and has sent in a few pictures. On Google maps we would be flying in the brown area on the East side of the property..Zoom in a bit and you can see the MemorialĀ in the first picture below and we would be flying just East of that. You are going to want to cognizant of how high you are flying, the freeway is downwind to the East.


images clickable for a larger version