July 2017 General Meeting

—As is almost always the case our July General Meeting was held at Mariners Point to avoid the Over The Line crowds on Fiesta Island. (Over The Line? – Google it!)
—We had winds out of the South most of the day and although South winds usually aren’t that great today they were quite nice.
—We had a pretty good crowd even though moving locations usually loses some people. “Fly in the sand?’
—Our annual Pot Luck Lunch was a great success. For once we were heavy on main dishes instead of desserts. But there were still plenty of desserts!
—July is the anniversary of our founding and we had Anniversary Cupcakes!
—We had a visit from long lost member Steve Bateman and his Jordan Air Form – come around more often Steve!
—We had not one, not two, but three Ringelschlange’s from circa 1993. Two original and one home made. That doesn’t happen very often these days!

All photos clickable for larger versions

All bullet points and photos by WebApprentice unless they have cupcakes in them – those were stolen from Facebook.