Saturday, May 9, Dusty Rhodes Park, Ocean Beach

The 67th Annual Ocean Beach Kite Festival was once again a great success thanks to the Kiwanis Club and all their helpers. A good number of SDKC members were also on hand although we had the easy part, kite flying.

The days just before and the morning of the festival were pretty scary for a kite festival organizer but the clouds cleared early and the winds came up to a reasonable level quickly. The crowds might have been down a bit because of the early weather woes but still almost 900 kites were made by the kids.

Below you will find a number of themed photo Galleries/Slideshows. The photos were broken up to make navigation a bit less cumbersome. All photos courtesy of Diane and Rick Spurgeon.


Lots of stuff was happening on the ground too.

OBFEST2015-Tail Chase

Victor H. teases kids of all ages with his fighter kite with tail. First to catch the tail gets a prize. (although this year everyone got a prize thanks to the Pittmans!)


The ever popular Candy Drop. Candy supplied by the Kiwanis. Bag supplied by Glen. Kite and ground crew supplied by San Diego Kite Club.


Sport kite demos were given throughout the day by World and National Champion Class Teams and Individual Flyers.

OBFest 2015-John

After a long time following other pursuits John Rogers is back. John's motto: Go Big Or Go Home.


OB Kite Festival 2015 Kite Aerial Photos