Rev Shootout 2014 Info

Aug 30 Update!! – As promised two figures have been eliminated and only three are left. These three are what will be flown and judged. A secret source says there will be a prize for the outright winner and a drawing for a Participants Prize.

We start with a list of five Multi-line Individual Compulsory Figures from the International Sport Kites Compulsories Book from the Official American Kitefliers Association Website. (Sound Scary?)

These are the five figures you want to start practicing right now. Approximately two weeks before the September General Meeting the list will be narrowed to the three figures that will actually be flown and judged. If you are Ron D. you can wait until then to start practicing if you want, maybe longer.


 Judges will Particularly Consider:

– Circle
– Backward flight
– Arc
– Launch
– Landing

Link to Animated Video of Arc Circle at Reed Designs



Judges will Particularly Consider
– Rotation
– Horizontal line
– Inverted slide
– Backward flight
– Slide
– Forward flight

Link to Animated Video of Pivots at Reed Design



Judges will Particularly Consider
– Diagonal Flights
– Slides
– Position within the Precision Grid
– Speed Control
The 1st rotation is 45° clockwise. The 2nd rotation is 45° counterclockwise. The 3rd rotation is 45° counterclockwise and the last rotation is 45° clockwise

Link to Animated Video of Roman Ten at Reed Design



Judges will Particularly Consider
– Vertical Line
– Backward Flight
– Speed Control
IN is at center of the grid on the ground. Kite flies up and backwards in a straight vertical line at a constant speed to 90%, and then stops. Kite then flies forwards and down at the same speed to 5% and hovers. OUT.

Link to Animated Video of Lift at Reed Design



Judges will Particularly Consider
– Rotations
– Relative placement of the components
– Lines
– Speed control
1st rotation is 45° counterclockwise.
2nd rotation is 270° counterclockwise.
3rd rotation is 270° counterclockwise.
4th rotation is 450° clockwise.
5th rotation is 135° clockwise

Link to Animated Video of Diamond at Reed Design

Read Ron Despojado’s tips on flying a Revolution kite here.