SDKC Mini Banners

Story by Rick Spurgeon
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SDKC Mini Banners

In June of 1999, Ron Despojado came up with the idea that what club members needed was a personal mini banner. For some reason, the local parks department had taken a dislike to the banners we would often put up at club meetings and would make us take them down. The club had been displaying banners for many years with no problems but suddenly it was an issue, at least for some rangers.

Banners In The Old Days

Banners In The Old Days










Ron’s idea was that these mini banners would be small and easy to transport, similar in design but with a way to personalize each one, and hopefully because of the relatively small size would go un-noticed and un-molested by the rangers.

Ron being Ron, he didn’t just suggest the idea and hope people would be interested but he presented an actual PLAN! All the information you would need to make your own personal semi-official SDKC mini banner. There were dimensions of course, specific color guidelines, a template so everyone’s lettering would be the same, and a designated space for your own logo/graphic.

Unfortunately, the Club didn’t have many seamstresses or seamsters at the time and although a few mini banners were made, the idea never really took off. Virgil Dalton (our best seamster) made one for himself and Walt Thompson. Ellen Morgan made one and I believe the Watson’s each had one (no photographic evidence has been located of these).

Virgil and Ricks Early Banners

I made one by cheating a bit; I used an iron-on transfer sheet to make my logo. This actually worked reasonably well and lasted longer than I would have thought although it is now long gone.

I had always liked the idea of the mini banner and had kept copies of the plan tucked away. Many years later, after Ron’s passing, I decided to try and revive the mini banner as a bit of a tribute to Ron. Also, we had just finished a kite making class with Robert Brasington and now had a number of budding seamsters and seamstresses and this seemed like a good next project for some.

The reality has been that I have ended up making most of the new round of banners so far. I made a new one for myself and one for my wife. As far as I know Ron never actually had a mini banner so I made one in his honor. I have given several away as raffle prizes and contest prizes. I don’t actually make them on request, just when I am in the mood and have a reason. In these cases the winner got to choose a logo and color scheme and I did my best to make what they wanted. Recently Don Fox has made a mini banner or two of his own.

Hopefully the collection will continue to grow and be displayed proudly and remind of us Ron, one of San Diego Kite Clubs most active and well liked members.

If you make one or have one already, send along a picture to be included here.

The plan is included here for you to print out and make your own SDKC Mini Banner.
It is intended to be printed out on 11 x 17 paper.