Brasington Genki Workshop 2018


What: Robert Brasington will be in town to give a kite making workshop for SDKC. The kite to be presented will be his Workshop Genki. More info can be found at:

When: July 21 and 22

Where: Dave’s Condo Complex in Mira Mesa (more details later)

Cost: approx $160US (200AUS) + $45 Instructor Fee + Room Rental Split by Participants (approx $10 each) Payment details like when and who to pay still being worked out – stay tuned.

Space is limited – Space is limited by the size of the room. SDKC Members will have first priority and then others can fill any vacancies. Let Dave know you want to participate and your color choice NOW!

Various Stuff:

Robert lists the build time as 12 – 14 hours so that is two pretty full days. Don’t be late!

Colors available are said to be ‘anything’. What does that mean? Look around Roberts Website and you can get a few ideas. (The Dieppe Bird and Tribal Genki are two good examples.) The idea here is to learn Robert’s color technique.

Food: we tend to work out the details on the fly but last time we sent out for lunch both days (Actually Mrs Kitedude fetched it). Coffee, donuts, and snacks were generally available.  Feel free to bring anything you particularly want – maybe even to share. We took Robert out to dinner in the evenings – he earned it!

Skill Needed? From the Workshop Genki page:
Simple kitemaking skills are required.
A functioning sewing machines is essential, as well as basic sewing tools. Plus stuff like extension cords, light if you like one, etc.

(I would add that knowing how to use your machine is essential too: at least how to thread it, wind a bobbin, what the various knobs and buttons do, etc. If you don’t sew much some recent practice would be a good idea. Don’t wait until workshop day to find out your machine isn’t working as good as you thought it was. Robert works his a** off but the more help you need the less time available to others).

The report from the last Brasington Workshop August 2015:


Kite Sewing 101: A great tutorial by Gary Engvall:


KiteBuilders Forum: Lots of kite-sewing and making reading can be found here: