John Rogers Early Kites

Hey there everyone, before I made large single line kites and such I actually started making stunt kites. Here are some pictures of them and the green guy with the tongue sticking out is Jose’ Chili Pepper. I flew it at Sunfest in Ocean City MD and it was on the board for “people’s choice”. One of the people who compete in stunt kite flying said “kites aren’t supposed to be funny” and he stomped off! If you look closely you will notice that they are an enlarged copy of Randy Tom’s hyper kites.

–John Rogers

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Here is one to show I can sew things besides kites. The ET costume won every Halloween contest we entered it in. Rosie used to wear it as the kids were all too tall!

John also had a video from the 1993 Washington State International Kite Festival.

Due to some bandwidth limitations here are some low res out takes from the video (You won’t want to watch it Full Screen!). If you want to see more let the WebApprentice know and I will bring a copy to the next meeting. (This is about 8 minutes out of 55)

Watch for John and his giant patriotic Sled, and for you kite history buffs some Jose Sainz and Randy Tom kites (That might even be Jose and Randy leaving at the end!)