Cheung Yeung Festival

Sunday, October 9, Greenwood Cemetary, Map If You Need It

Time is still up in the air but event will be approx 4 hrs, most likely in the late morning/early afternoon.

The Greenwood Cemetary is hosting it 1st Cheung Yeung celebration (also known as Double Nine – the Google is your friend here). Kite Flying is part of the tradition of the Cheung Yeung Celebration. They are just looking for people to come out and fly kites. There aren’t any kite building plans at this point but most likely there would be some kite wrangling involved.

A bit more info and a few pictures at this LINK

We are of coarse looking for volunteers to fly at this event. A significant donation to the SDKC treasury is involved. Besides, how often do you get an invitiation to fly you kite in a cemetary!

If you can help let Dave know as always at:

ps: in case you, like me, you were wondering why the Double Nine Celebration (9/9) is on Oct 9 (10/9) the Chinese Lunar Calendar is a bit different that what we are used to.