Kite Party 18

March 14 and 15, Huntington Beach Pier, Map If You Need It.
315 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

CANCELLED By The Cty Of Huntiongton Beach as of 2100 12 Mar 2020.

There likely will still be some unofficial kite flying by flyers already in Huntington Beach but no Kite Party.

Kite Party is hosted by Dave Shenkman of The Kite Connection on the Huntington Beach Pier. For those that may not know Kite Party is not a kite festival or a kite competition. It is an event for registered kite flyers to get together and fly. There are no scheduled events for spectators to see.

If you wish to fly at Kite Party you must be registered in order to fly in the two official roped off  Kite Party fields. If you are not a registered flyer there is still plenty to do, talking with fellow kite flyers and watching some of the best kite flyers in the country. When you get the urge to fly just wander down the beach a bit and fly. If your significant other is not a kite flyer they do not need to be registered. As there are a limited number of spots available this will leave room for more registered flyers.

To register for Kite Party and to learn more head to

Be sure to read the rules as there are some important things to know such as about required line lengths.

Since this is the second Saturday of the month and many SDKC Members will be attending expect the March General Meeting to be moved to the third Saturday of the month March 21.