A Small KAP Adventure

By Rick Spurgeon, the Wimpy Kap’er

Since 2008 I have participated in World Wide KAP Week. Kite Aerial Photographers (KAP) from around the world all take pictures during the same time period and share them on Flickr. For the first couple of years of WWKW a book was made with each KAPer getting two pages for their pictures. These aren’t necessarily your best pictures of the year but what could you do during this one time period.

For WWKW 2013 I was able to get out twice and get photos. The first outing was at the J Street Marina in Chula Vista. A place I have KAPed several times and was sure to get a few shots for the week. The second outing was a little more adventurous. Below are the photos and explanation posted for WWKW 2013:

Out for my second outing of the week after work today. Last outing was safe and calm to get some sure shots for the week. Today was a bit more adventurous, at least for me the Wimpy KAPer. I just KAP for fun and if I dont like the situation for any reason I just go home without any shots. That happens not infrequently.

One problem with living in San Diego is that within close proximity there are two international airports, three very busy military airports, four busy general aviation airports, and several lesser airfields. Many desirable KAPing sites are pretty much out of reach even with a generous reading of the FAA regs. In order to get something new for WWKAP2013 I decided to try what I have considered a marginal site. Today work, wind and weather were in close enough alignment to give it a try.

Todays target was Mt. Soledad War Memorial near La Jolla, Ca, a short drive from work. The site is near the ocean but at the top of a small mountain. The wind was right at the top of my FLED’s wind range and fairly bumpy. The site has a smallish parking circle and some open area. Last Sunday the parking area was full with cars circling waiting for a spot and lots of people about the area on foot. Today it was much less busy.

My main concern was airplane traffic. The airliners fly directly overhead but are quite high. There tends to be some general aviation traffic, particularly sightseers. Today, I ended up with three airplane passes nearby, one very close. My plan was a quick KAP flight as low as possible to get reasonable shots of the monument. File time stamps say less than 30 minutes from first test picture to last picture taken. The camera barely got above the monument and the kite a bit more of course.

The monument is interesting mostly because there have been court cases trying to get the cross part of this Korean War Memorial removed from public land (against the rules say some) for more than 20 years. It has been to the US Supreme Court once, maybe twice, and still the litigation goes on. So far the cross has won.

So, a small adventure for some of you, but bigger than average for the Wimpy KAPer. Would I do it again? Well, not anytime soon but I am happy to have something new for WWKAP2103

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