SDKC November 2023 Monthly Meeting

San Diego Kite Club Fly Day
“A New Member’s Experience
Text, Photos and Video Clips
By Sarah Shepard


On Saturday, November 11, 2023, I attended my first meeting as a new flyer and member of the San Diego Kite Club. The winds were slow to wake up but once they did, we filled the skies with eye-catching shapes and vibrant colors causing drivers along Mission Bay to pull over in awe and amazement.

Meeting at Noon’ish sharp. Welcome back Dave and Iris!

As I headed to the park that morning, I had no idea what to expect, who I would meet, and if I would be able to keep my beginner Beetle two-line kite in the air. I was not disappointed! Everyone was kind, welcoming, and eager to offer help. We enjoyed lunch together and a brief business meeting with updates, reports, and announcements for future gatherings. Shortly after, the magic began.


The cloudless sky was a brilliant shade of blue. The sun was hot and warm on my skin while the salt-tinged breeze ruffled my hair. I stood still and stared at the scene before me. A kaleidoscope of color surrounded me working its way into my soul. Every bit of what I saw was competing for my attention. As I took it in, I couldn’t seem to get enough. I was surprised to find myself in that place at that very moment. The peace, joy, and sense of rightness was profound. A secret my new friends have known for years and have now shared with me. I am honored and grateful for their gift. I studied the lazy swaying meanderings of single line kites staked out and left on their own to reach for heaven. To my left I caught sight of five upright, four-line Revs flying by in steady pursuit of each other. Like a courtship dance of young lovers smoothly swirling through the air. It was a flight of fancy and artistry in motion! How fortunate I was to be witness to something so graceful, so playful, and so extraordinary.

This was a day like no other I have experienced. I am so grateful for the beautiful day, kind people, and especially for the guests of honor, the kites.

Mark gets some solo time

And last but not least – Sarah went home with a new to her kite!