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Joanne M’Clary

It is with heavy hearts that we report that Joanne M’Clary has passed after a short illness.

Update from Charlene, Joanne’s daughter, sent April 4:

My Mother, Joanne M’Clary became very ill March 7 and hade to go to the hospital. She passed away yesterday at Sharp Memorial hospital due to advanced COPD and pnumonia. She loved life and fought hard to get well but when it was determined that there was nothing more that could be done she accepted comfort care. She passed away with dignity and grace. She was able to call and say goodbye to her family and said she had a good life and don’t cry for her. She also wanted to say goodbye to all of her email friends but the was no internet available in ICU. There will be a memorial service for her at the kite feild in mission bay on the second saturday in May.



Joanne and Charlie M'Clary

Joanne and Charlie M'Clary