Bryan Stow Kite

For Stow Kite

For those that don’t remember the details:

On March 31, 2011 Bryan Stow, a SF Giants fan and EMT, was critically injured by two LA Dodgers fans following a baseball game. Bryan has been in the hospital and intensive therapy since that event.

More details about the event and Bryan’s progress can be found at:


SDKC President Dan Willan suggested the club build and donate a kite to an online auction being held to help with theĀ  cost of Bryan’s treatment.

Rick Spurgeon built a Rokaku with the Support4Bryan logo. Dan developed a set of assembly and flight instructions, donated a reel with line, and mailed the kite to the family.

The family decided to keep the kite with plans to eventually fiy it with Bryan. Sounds like a great idea to us.

The following card was received from the family:

Thank You From Stow Family