Indoor Kite Flying 2015

First date March 27
As always at the Allian University Sports Center, Map If You Need It
Flying usually starts about 7:30pm

New New Rules posted 03/19/15

Updated Information for Alliant Indoor, 2015

We will have our first flying session and meeting on March 27th, 7:30pm at Alliant.  The short meeting will start at 8pm with flying before and after.  Please make every effort to attend because we need your help.

Unfortunately, most of what was sent in the previous email regarding this meeting has changed.  The primary issue we want to discuss is funding Alliant for 2015.  The SEFSD has decided to only make a minimal contribution to help pay for Alliant for 2015.  Nearly the entire cost for the Alliant facility will be shared by those of us who use it.  The cost for 2015 will be stated at the meeting.  All in attendance will be given the opportunity to pledge what they can toward funding our activities at Alliant.  If there are enough pledges to cover the remainder of the cost for 2015, the nightly non-SEFSD member donation of $10.00 will be suspended.  We hope you can help us reach this goal.  Pledges or donations can be taken any time before or after the meeting, simply respond to this email.

To help keep the cost as low as possible, an estate sale will be held at Frank Gagliardi’s house on March 21st with most of the proceeds going toward funding Alliant.

All RC fliers will be required to have membership in the SEFSD and AMA.  All others, such as the San Diego Kite Club and Scale Staffel, will attend as guests.  Guests will not be asked to join SEFSD or AMA.  All non-SEFSD members will be asked to sign a waiver releasing Alliant from liability.

No SIG group will be created.

The rules posted on the SEFSD website at “Indoor Rules & Information” will remain in effect.

Thank you in advance and we hope to see you on the 27th.

Steve Belknap

New Rules were just posted (02/17/15) for 2015. Here they are copied from their email:

SEFSD        Announcement
February 17, 2015
Alliant Indoor Flying for 2015

For the 2015 year, the SEFSD Board of Directors has asked for a few changes in order to retain their support for Alliant Indoor activities.

The first session on March 27th will include a short meeting at ~8pm.  Please make every effort to attend.

1.  All regular indoor flyers, RC powered and kite, are to be members of SEFSD.  SEFSD membership is only $45/year.  For regular kiters-only this will result in a reduction in cost compared to last year.  (Non-member guest fliers, both RC and kite, will still pay $10/session).  There will be 9 sessions this year.  SEFSD application forms will be at the meeting for non-SEFSD 2015 members.  The total cost for Alliant in 2015 will be $1980.00.

2.  Kiters-only do not need to have Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership.  All RC fliers must have AMA membership.

3.  A Special Interest Group, Silent Electric Indoor Fliers (SEIF), will be created for the indoor fliers, both RC and kiters.

Scale Staffel members are still welcome and will be given the same opportunity as the kiters.

Please make every effort to attend the March 27 session, either in person or by proxy.  Reminders will be sent out.  Fees for new SEFSD members will be collected.