John and Virgil and Dennis and Americas Cup

Story By John Rogers
Photos by Rick and Diane Spurgeon
all photos clickable for somewhat larger versions

Big Patriotic Sled

A Bit Further Away For Some Scale

Back in the day when America’s Cup racing sail boats used real sails and Virgil Dalton was a good friend of the folks running North Sails he got several pieces of white rip-stop for me to use. One is the “the Stars and Stripes” sled which is about the largest “fabric” sled kite in the country. Many have been made from large trash bags and such but I don’t feel they really count. Anyways this story is about something a little different.

After Dennis Conner won the “Cup” back for the USA, Virgil was called by the owner of North Sails and was told I have some special sail material for you. He went over right away and was given a 10’ x 10’ section of a used spinnaker. Virgil said thanks but was told to look closely at it so he did. There was magic marker writing on it although a bit light and it said “To Dennis Conner, Best Damned Sailor in the World”! Whoa, what a gift and I got it the following weekend and used it as the back of one of the “flying people” BUT here is the quiz. (Below are just a few of John’s People.)

Patrick, Roger and Rick Fly John Rogers Family Portrait at Kite Party 17 (2019)

Daughter Lisa on the left, Wife Rosie in the middle, and John on the right. John believes this is the first time in about 20 years all three kites have flown together.

I can’t remember which kite it was and on which side either, sooooooooo since they have been passed along, one of you has a kite with a piece of a very famous spinnaker sewn into it. Take some time to check them as one of these is “the” one. I do not think it was the alien girl one that went to Japan if that helps any.

—John Rogers

From the WebApprentice: Update 4.8/2019
So at least part of the America’s Cup sail has been found I believe. Turns out John’s self-portrait has at least part of the sail I believe. It certainly has some faint words on it that would seem to fit the description. It is hard to read an some in on the front part and some is on the back part and some is therefore reversed. The following pictures show some of the writing although the pictures have been edited to make all the words right way around. You will probably need to click on the pictures to see the full size version.