Kite Party Lesson

Kite Party Lesson Learned

by Les Miller

March 9, 2013 - Huntington Beach, California, U.S. - Ray Miller playfully steers his Hyper-kite over a boy who ducks for cover on the beach. Miller, a professional kite-flyer and teacher for 35 years in Hawaii, was at Kite Party 11, in Huntington Beach. The two-day gathering includes 100 of the best fliers from around the world including Tasmania, Germany and Canada. (Credit Image: © Mindy Schauer/The Orange County Register/

I was told by Vic of Kite Country in San Diego about the Kite party. So my son and I drove there from Murrieta.

I was not informed about registering and didn’t know anybody there so we went and watched the many kites in the corded off area from the side. We saw some people off to the side who were having problems with their new kites and helped them.

There were good winds and an area to the side so I decided to fly my Hyper Kite Stack. I have been flying Stacks now since 1979. Started with Skynasaur and Flexifoils and then met Randy Tom of Hyper Kites before they were out for production. This has been my favorite since.

When I was younger I lived and worked in Hawaii for Kite Fantasy (Rober Loerra) and High Performance Kites (Alan Nagao)

I Have flown in several AKA Events. 

I have flown ((Hyper Kites Elite Flight Team) with and against several Teams such as Action Kites, as well as Hawaiian Team Kites in Competitions over the years.

I was Temporarily voted in as HKA Hawaiian Kite Flyer President while serving in the Navy.

Kites are now just a hobby I enjoy flying with my son and daughter and showing off to spectators

Les Miller

Editors Notes:

1) Due to its enormous popularity and limited space all Kite Party Flyers must be registered to fly in official Kite Party space. Registration is limited to 100 flyers.

2) So register and register early. Just going to watch?  Then no registration required. Or like Les, fly elsewhere on the beach.

3) As Les found out you can still have fun at Kite Party without being a registered flyer. If life gives you lemons …….

4) Check the club website for info about upcoming events, we almost always have all the good poop!

5) Thanks for the story Les and glad you still had a good time!