KiteBuilder Online Workshop

For all you budding or current kitebuilders out there:

The Forum on has had online kite building classes in the past, six in fact. All the info you need to build one of those kites is still there along with discussions and questions and tips on alternate way to accomplish some of the steps in the instructions. A  great way to work on your skills.

More importantly a new class is starting in late April for a single line kite called the Phoenix. The instructor posts a new section of instructions once a week for you to accomplish and people add their comments, questions, and tips as they/you go. Have a bad week and fall behind? No problem, this is a self-paced course. The instructions will still be there when you are ready.

Now for the best part. Fly Market Supply is selling a kit with all the hardware you need to complete the kite for $60 plus shipping. Need fabric? They have that too! You will need about 1.5 yards.

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