New Parking

Sometime recently the parking at Tecolote Shores was rearranged. The diagonal goes the other way and you are supposed to back in.



On the evening of Sunday, July 27, the new rules weren’t working that well. Maybe, I say again maybe, 20 per cent of the cars were backed in.

WebApprentice Observations, mine all mine, no one elses!

Cars heading south must go past their intended parking spot, stop, and back into the space. All the cars behind them, and there are always cars, must stop far enough back to allow backing into the space. Didn’t work well for me and it wasn’t very busy then. I happen to think most people are better at backing out of a space than into a space.

Cars headed north can just cut across the southbound lane and pull right into a parking spot. Of course, they are pointed the wrong way, front in and NOT backed in.

When it comes time to leave it is MARGINALLY easier to pull out if you are backed in.

If you cut across the lane and parked in frontways you now must back out across the southbound lane and in to the northbound lane. Easy in  not so easy out.

Enjoy All!

photos courtesy of Dan W. and Diane S.