October General Meeitng Report

Photos by Tom K.
No Words Supplied So TheWebApprentice Filled In

The activity of the SDKC October meeting was a line laundry display. It was a Chamber Of Commerce day at Mission Bay. Warm, not to crowded, lots of sunshine and good wind for lifting line laundry without being too much wind.

The prize was a Rokkaku kite built and donated by Carol and Cass Pitman. (or maybe it is Rokaku? seen it both ways – anyway ROK for short)

The Prize. Donated By Carol and Cass Pittman

Rick S. (sometimes known as thewebapprentice) had the winning line laundry display. Or was that Laundry Line display? Anyway it was judged to be the best line laundry display of the day. It probably helped a little that it was the ONLY line laundry display by a Club member. No, Rick was not ashamed to accept the prize for winning even though he had the only line laundry display. You have to play to win. And he (well okay, I) really wanted that kite!

The Winning Display – Laundry Line Laundry – A pair of red wool socks, three Kite T-shirts, one Miata Club shirt, and one Halloween shirt. So all the bases covered.

The Winner with his Prize!

The Winner makes of with his Prize before they change their minds.

So this is proof that it isn’t hard to win an activity at a Club event if you put in a little effort.