Rev Shootout 2018

Saturday September 8 during the SDKC General Meeting

REV Shootout Trophy Kite












This years Rev Shootout will be different than previous years. In stead of flying precision figures we will be looking for your creative Rev flying. Here is what Lolly has to say about it:

Revolution Invitational Event

The Rev Invitational was created to encourage Rev flyers at every level to get involved in a fun, creative, and friendly way. Fly with the family !  Maybe win a few bucks.

You never know what you can do until you try.

Your factory Rev is your invitation. No homemade, or knock-offs.   Pros and Masterpieces are fine.

It’s all about having Fun, Pleasing the Crowd, being Creative, showing Personality, and flying with a bit of Rev Control.

Scoring Criteria: Flyer will be given up to 10 points for each:  Fun,  Crowd Pleasing,  Creativity,  Personality,  and Control.

Each entrant receives 20 Rev Bucks for joining in.

Flyers are split into 2 groups:   Group #1- Flyers with 2 years or Less Rev experience. 1 round only. This group flies for 1.5 to 2 min each.  (Judges tally points after each flyer.) Top 3 flyers in points win.  First place is $    2nd place is:   TBD  3rd place is:  TBD

Group #2-   2+ years of Rev Experience.  (Rev flyers know what group they are in as far as experience level.)  Round 1 – all entrants fly for a max 2 minutes each.  Judges score them using same criteria as above.  Max 2 minutes to show us what you got.  Be Creative !!!  Show Personality !!!  Have Fun !!!

First Place Winner receives a custom Revolution trophy Kite !!

2nd place=  TBD.                   3rd Place=  TBD

What is needed:  Field time, depends on # of entrants. A brief meeting of all flyers right before event begins. Give criteria for scoring, max 2 min fly time, handed out Rev bucks for entering.  Background music is nice.  No music to be submitted by flyers.  Judge called out  30 sec warning of end time. Rev rep to judge with 2 others from flying area.  Remind all of criteria: Fun, Creative, Crowd pleasing, Personality, Rev Control.