Revolution Reflex

Reflex AdvantagesA perfect kite for casual flyers,

– with all the ability to take you to Master level.

Revolution Reflex (patented technology) with Auto-pilot

Dynamic Wing Shaping Amazing Dead Launch

Impressive Light wind flying (0-8), and a Huge Wind Window.

In winds over 8 mph, more power, more fun (than 1.5 sail size).

Like you are getting 2 kites in One Reflex.

Super Stable– wants to Hover ( larger sail, bigger wingspan)

Smooth Precise Control. Clean Stops. Sharper Moves.

Unbelievable Float. Automatic stall recovery.

More Stability in Reverse flight. Virtually eliminates ‘wing flip’

Faster Acceleration. Stiffer, but light structure. -(2 steps back to go ‘overhead’) Exciting again.

Relaxed flying experience. Easier Control– less momentum.

New larger size sail 98” LE x 33” Vertical. Icarex polyester sail, with a No-fray LE, and custom End plugs. Strategically reinforced pattern design, with an optimized panel lay-out for maximum performance and efficient flight. New custom framing (5/16” ID) designed specifically for this sail, and a Free shaft is included. New Carbon Light Handles with multi-knot settings, and a Reflex set-up and feature highlight dvd. 4 color choices. All have the signature White and Black panels. Red/Blue, Fabulous Red, Sunset Yellow/ Orange, and a Lime/ Purple. Custom Reflex sleeve/bag. Kite only weight is less than 9 oz.

**As an added note Don Fox recently flew a Reflex indoors where it flew great!


Lime and Purple


Red and Black