Ron Despojado



Ron passed away very unexpectedly on April 5, 2015. Ron was a founding member and an integral part of the San Diego Kite Club for 25 years. Although we consider him our own, he was also a kiting competitor and personality who was known and loved both Nationally and Internationally. Ron traveled extensively each year to kite events around the country and the world. Largely due to Ron, the San Diego Kite Club was known through out the kiting world.

Over the years Ron served as Club President, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor and Website Editor. He held some of the offices more than once. He was especially well known for his T- Shirt Designs. One of his favorite events was the annual Wacky Christmas Gift Exchange at which he was almost always the Head Elf. Most years, Ron also led our annual May Memorial Kite Fly when we honor SDKC members who have been lost.

Ron was known primarily as a quadline flyer and was sponsored by Revolution Kites for many years. However, like most long time kite flyer’s he was skilled with Dual Line Kites, Fighter Kites, and was even known to fly a plain old single line kite occasionally. Ron was also a useful person to have around during Candy Drops and was skilled at keeping the kids entertained until the candy actually dropped.

Ron was also widely known as an excellent kite flying instructor. If anyone on the field was having trouble Ron was there. It didn’t matter if they were new to kiting or a long time flyer who just needed a tip or two to learn a new skill – Ron was there. Usually first.

Ron’s passing leaves many shoes to be filled at the San Diego Kite Club. We miss him tremendously, and know that his family, friends, and the kiting community as a whole will miss him for a long time to come.

Photos From Ron’s Memorial Service

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Photos From The Memorial Kite Fly

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