September 2016 General Meeting

Words by Rick Spurgeon
Photos by Rick Spurgeon except a few stolen from Facebook

Despite getting off to a bit of a rough start the September meeting was well attended. The parking at our regular site was non-existent due to an unadertised event just North of our meeting site at Mission Bay. Our backup site had its own challenges but it all worked out and we got in the meeting, the Annual Rev Shootout, and an introduction to Revolution’s new Club 38.

(By the way, it you get to a meeting and the field is crowded, and/or there is no parking, and you don’t recognize any kite flyers, try our backup site at Mariners Point!)

The Rev Shootout had a number of competitors including a couple of first timers. The wind was light and turbulent (guys!, the beach was just right over there, no trees. Oh, you wanted the extra chanllenge!) Competiors flew three figures from the official rulebook and were judged by Dave C., Don F., and Lolly. One change was that everyone flew the same kite, not  one of their own.

The overall winner was Roger C. followed by Dan W. and John M. Roger is getting quite a collection of President Dave’s Paper Dragon Trophies.


Club 38

So what is Club 38 you say? Club 38 is a training program to help flyers to improve their skills. It consists of 38 flying skills split into each level. When you complete a level there is a cool Club 38 pin you will receive. It is thought this will be a way for those Rev flyers who live in the hinterlands without a lot of more skilled flyers near them to learn how to fly their Revs and increase their fun. Not every one is lucky enough to live near a kite club much less live in Rev’s backyard. ( If you buy a Ferrari did Enzo give you a driving lesson. No, but we here in San Diego are lucky enough to have frequent access to Joe, David, Lolly and some other world class Rev flyers. Go to a Festival and there are Joe, David, and Lolly again. Not everyone is so lucky so here is Club 38!

More info about Club 38 at Revolutions website at:
Revolution Kites

A number of SDKC got their start in advancing through Club 38 with coaching from Lolly and Joe. Some did Level 1 and others made it up to Level 4.
Insert List Here If Lolly Ever Sends It To Me (poke, poke, hehehe)

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