Charlie Part 2

The Memorial Kites

There are times in your life that you know you hang out with the right people. I am proud to be a member of the San Diego Kite Club because they respect and cherish its members and who they are. In the summer of 1990, a group of kite flyers gathered at a park bench at the flying field south of the Hilton hotel. Ideas abounded on what the club should be and what its purpose would be. Some of those founding members are physically not with us but in memory and are still very strong and participating members.

The club’s gesture of flying a kite for each of its members who have passed was very respectful and appreciated. Twelve yellow kites had names of San Diego Kite Club members on them who are no longer with us. The kites were walked out on the field with one person holding the kite while another held the handle of the string to the kite. As each of the members’ name was called, the kite was sent aloft. Soon the kites bobbed and weaved, and laughter filled the air as the kites imitated the of the member it represented. Some of the kites flew strong and proud, others clashed and nearly fell to the ground only to be tangled in another kites’ line and then relaunched in mid air, like one San Diego Kite Club member help another.

Thanks to all who put on the event and memorial services for Charlie. Ron who wrote and read Charlie’s eulogy said it best, “…In our kiting world there’s simply only one ‘Charlie.’.” At least that is what I heard while trying to get the sand out of my eyes, because there is no crying in kite flying.

To good friends, tight lines and strong winds: Launch!- The sky’s the limit, reach for it!

Dan Willan
San Diego Kite Club


In Our Portrait Of Love
By Grandson for Grandpa

By Shaun Lowery

How can I say I care?
How can I say I miss you?
How can I say it if you’re not there?
I said all these things when you were around
And I’ll say them when you’re not.
A picture is worth a thousand words
And words are spoken from your heart
And thoughts form from thoughts fragile memories.

Pictures that can’t be sold or bought.
So I paint a picture with the words I thought.
To bring you back to life.
To touch the thoughts that are left behind
The ones you loved when you were alive
And I’ll keep those pixels of the life you lived
Both the real & remembered kind.
And keep a photograph by my heart
To bring your memory to mind

And I’ll record, store it for all time

On my mental video tape,

Joanne and Charlie M'Clary

Joanne and Charlie M’Clary

Or maybe I’ll send it e-mail,
Or fax it to heavens gate.
For whether it be on canvas
or a movie on a silver screen
May it be shown for all to see
From every gallery in the galaxy
Could be received from those above
So you can look down and see us together
In our portrait made of love.