David Bui


David Bui


In Memory of David Bui
by Susan Shampo







Although he was not a San Diego Kite Club member, the tragic loss of David Bui on July 17, 1999 in a car accident in Mexico has saddened all who knew him. I feel compelled to share with those of you who didn’t have that pleasure the kind of person he was and just how great a loss this is to the kiting community.

I met David when I attended a SCSKL First Flight Workshop in March of ’98. As Chief Judge and a highly successful competitive flier, he presented so much information in such a casual way that I immediately felt the tension I anticipated before my first competitive event diminish. He was always available to us fliers, at events or by email before or afterwards, to answer questions or give advice about any aspect of kiting. Even though he resigned his position with the Kite League when he moved to Yuma to work for Skyshark, I always hoped that he’d come to our events as a spectator. Now that I know that won’t happen, I’m deeply saddened. My only consolation is that I always made a point to tell him how much I appreciated him and his support of the league and to me personally. Take a minute today to let someone who means a lot to you know it as tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us.

What follows are excerpts from the many postings to rec.kites that followed the sad news of our loss.

  • David was awarded some of the top honors in Kiting
  • 1995 Outstanding Kiteflyer of the Year by American Kite Magazine
  • 1995 American Kite National Circuit Masters Champion MIP & MIB
  • 1995 All American Sportkite Championships Champion MIP & MIB
  • 1995 AKA Grand Nationals Champion MIP
  • AKA Grand Nationals Champion in Comprehensive Kitemaking – cellular
  • AKA Grand Nationals Champion for Innovative Kite Award


“Occasionally you meet a person who shines brightly. David was this person. My company employed him and even more so, he was my dear friend. I would like to say a few words to tell people how I feel. David was a perfectionist. Although he expected perfection, he was patient with everyone involved. He had a leadership quality that few have and the ability to communicate his level of intensity and perfection to others and bring everyone up to a higher level. David’s intensity, perfectionism, and leadership was contagious. Everyone in production wanted to spend time with him, to show him that their work was up to his standards. He made everyone around him proud of their work.”

–Erez Borowsky, Skyshark

Whether experiencing the edge of competition, the thrill of victory, or the spiritual symbiosis with the natural world around us, David was always clear and level headed. What I think I admire most about David was his eager desire to learn and improve everything. He will forever be fondly remembered and sorely missed!”

–Chris M. Moore, Wind Wizards, Kansas City

David was not just a kite flyer but in my opinion he was the best. He won on the east coast, west coast, midwest and everywhere entered. He will be greatly missed as a friend and a competitor and all around good guy.”

–Jug Buckles

David was one of the nicest all around kiteflyers I know. Active in all kinds of kiting, from small wings to big foils. This is such a bummer. He will be missed. Not having much aoxo right now.”

–Dean Jordan

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