Up In The Air 2014

22 March, Norman P. Murray Community Center, Mission Viejo, Map If You Need It

This event is put on by the Mission Viejo Activities Committee and involves all things that can be Up In The Air. This includes kites of course, but also model airplanes, frisbee catching dogs, BMX bicycle riders, bubbles, etc.

SDKC has been invited to take part for the last couple years and we earn a small fee for the club treasury. Funds which are sorely needed this year since we lost out on the Polo Classic this year. So come on out and support them and your club.

Usually we share a field with the model airplanes and we take turns flying so this event isnt overly stressful and you have plenty of time to look around and talk kites with the crowd.

See Last Years Report Here

Mission Viejo Activity Committee Website