Kite Party 12

March 8-9, 2014 at Huntington Beach Pier of course. Map If You Need It.

Note: This would normally be a meeting day for SDKC but since many members are headed to Kite Party the meeting has been moved to March 15!!!

Registration is limited to 100 flyers, as I believe it has been the last couple of years. You must be a registered flyer to fly inside the roped off areas. Just going to spectate? Then no registration is required of course. In fact if only spectating then don’t register so others can. In past years prior attendees got some preference, not sure about this year.

Registration has already begun. Registration looks pretty full but it still says open so you might still be able to sign up. See below for a link.

Not registered? You can still have a pretty good time. There are lots of exceptional flyers to watch and talk to. You can still fly, you just might have to move up or down the beach a bit to find some open space.

Keep an eye on:  Kite Party 12 to register and Gone With The Wind Forum wouldnt hurt either for the latest info. Note: the Kite Party website is a little confusing with references to KP11 and KP12 but registration info is for KP12.