Visually Impaired Kids Fly

Friday May 23, 0930 – 1100, Clairemont Rec Center, Map If You Need It

Once again we have been asked to support the County Wide Field Day For Visually Impaired Students at the Clairemont Rec Center. Along with all the other planned activities they like us to come out so the kids can try kite flying.

Mostly this involves single line kites, and you probably don’t want to bring you most favorite kite to this event. Stuff happens. It is early in the morning so winds tend to be light and swirly. Cheap Wal-Mart type kites are pretty good for letting the kids go wild.

We typically go for lunch afterwards.

If you haven’t done this event before it is a favorite and is a chance to give back to the community and the kite club.

Hope to see you there!