Fighter Kite Challenge 2018

Monday, December 31, Tecolote Shores


Update 18 Dec:┬áThis years Club Class will be flown with Hata fighters from Into The Wind. ITW wouldn’t give us much of a break on price so it will be a bit more epensive than usual, I believe Dave said $16. This is a great kite for beginner fighters so this is a good year to get started! (Plus it makes a pretty good stable single line flier with the included tail). NOTE: there is talk of moving the event to Sunday 30 Dec. If this matters to you one way or the other let Prez Dave know ASAP at Nope, Sticking with the 31st!!

When: usually early afternoon, a little earlier if you want to practice

Lunch: You are on your own today

Activity: Annual New Years Eve Day Fighter Kite Challenge. More details to follow but we generally have two classes of fighters. Club Class: everyone flies the same type of kite supplied by the Club for a small fee to cover costs. Open Class: Fight with your favorite fighter. Each class has a trophy.