September General Meeting – Not

Covid-19 Pandemic still exists and forces us to cancel the official September 12th General Meeting of the San Diego Kite Club.  The rules placed by the Parks and Recreation Department still prohibit large gatherings at Tecolote Shores Park.  Small family activities are allowed and I hope some members are getting a kite or two into the sky.

LET’S AIM FOR A PHOTOGRAPH OF 30 KITES IN THE SKY ON OCTOBER 10TH.  Thirty kites all day to celebrate the Thirtieth Anniversary of the San Diego Kite Club.  Don’t know what the winds will be on that Saturday, so bring a bag full of single line kites for light, moderate, and strong winds.  We’ll follow Covid rules of facemasks, bring your own lunch, and water.  Starting at noon!

Hope you’re there on October 10th.

David Corning,  President San Diego Kite Club