Lake Cuyamaca Kids Kite Fly

Sunday August 29, Lake Cuyamaca, East County Mountains, MAP IF YOU NEED IT

Note The Date Change!! Note The Date Change!!
Now Sunday August 29

What Is It? The Club has been invited by the Rangers at Lake Cuyamaca to help with a kite fly for kids and families. The Club is donating 100 Frustrationless Flyers to be flown at the event. This is a minimalist event, we will put the kite kits together before hand and don’t expect to be doing any decorating of the kites. This is just a trial event which if things go well may lead to bigger things.

This is NOT an event to show off all our cool kites and do demo flies. Again if things go well we will likely work towards a bigger event. Of course there may be room for a cool kite or three but don’t count on it, we will play it by ear.

What We Need: Volunteers to be kite wranglers to help the kids and families get their kites in the are and have a good time! This is part of our Mission Statement after all.

If you were planning to attend but now can’t let Prez Dave know.
If you couldn’t attend but now want to let Prez Dave know.

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