New Forum Online Kite Building Class

A new online kite building class is starting very soon.

The project is a Barbara Meyer Swallowtail Delta. This is one of Craig Adams favorite kites and you  have probably seem him flying it at a club meeting. The link to the Kitebuilder Forums is HERE  

In order to access the information for the Online Class you will have to register with Kitebuilder, free of course. The registration link is right at the top of the page, a Blue Icon. The info for the class is about half way down the page in the section called ‘On Line Kite Building Projects and Plans’.

As usual Fly Market Kites is selling a kit with all the rods and bits and pieces you need to build the kite. Fabric is also available from there if you need it. The kit is listed for $55, and fabric would be extra if  you need that too. LinK Here

The kit is already for sale and the template is already available on KiteBuilder.

If you have an interest in building our own kites this is a great way to get started. Also if you haven’t been there before there is a wealth of knowledge on the KiteBuilder Forums about Kite Building in general.

Problems or Questions? I can try to help:
Craig has already built one and I will go out on a limb and say he will be glad to help out too.
NO I doubt either of us will build one for you!