Kite Party 19

March 11 – 12, 2023, Huntington Beach PierMap If You Need It.

The SDKC General Meeting is moved to March 18 so members can attend both KP and the monthly meeting. See below

More info at

Be sure to read the guidelines!!
Limited registrations available, limited by the City I believe.
Previous attendees get priority but you can’t be a  previous attendee next  year if you don’t try and RSVP this year.
Only register is you are sure you can go. Non flying significant others do not need to be registered, don’t use up spaces un-necessarily. If it turns out you can’t go un-expectantly be sure to cancel your RSVP.

If you don’t get an RSVP it can still be worth going. Lots of things to see and great flyers to watch. Also, it is a big beach you can still fly nearby to get your fix, just not in the roped off areas.