April General Meeting

Saturday, April 8, Seaport Village, Embarcadero Park North,  Map If You Need It

Time: 10 – 3 are the target hours but you can always do more!

Lunch: I would plan on lunch on yourself, but hey plenty of places to eat at Seaport Village!

Activity: Fly Kites, Eat, Fly Kites
In honor of April being National Kite Month the folks at Kite Flite have asked us to fly at Seaport Village for our April Meeting. Parking is a bit of an issue but Kite Flite will validate parking for SDKC members which get you a couple free hours and a bit of a discount on any extra hours so not so bad. This will be mostly a single line event ( and low flying at that) but there could be a bit of multiline of short lines. Kite Flite has supported us with raffle prizes on the past so now is a chance to give back a little. Hope to see you there!