Kite Party 13

March 14 and 15, Huntington Beach Pier, Map If You Need It

The Kite Party, not a festival, not a competition, it is a PARTY!
Kite flyers from all over, some manufacturer reps, kite flying, a minimum of demos, just kite flying!

Kite flying in the roped off areas (multiline and singline) is for the 100 REGISTERED flyers. Others can watch, and fly elsewhere on the beach.

There is traditionally a Pizza Party/Auction Saturday night but you will probably need to be there to get the details.

Kite Party Registration and Info here. Several spots still open as of 02/17/15.
Not sure if you are going, don’t register, signigicant other of a flyer – don’t register, registered but can’t go – unregister! Don’t take up spots for flyers who want to be there!