New Digital AKA Maggazine is FREE!

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AKA Announces new digital magazine “Kites and Kiters” that is free to all!
Wind WatcherWind Watcher
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The AKA announce a new AKA digital magazine titled “Kites and Kiters”. You can use the link to get immediate access. No AKA Membership or fee required (simply register with your e-mail address).

Look to see future KAP related articles and pictures in the new digital format.

This new publication is being published in addition to the print version of “Kiting”, and is FREE to download and share regardless of membership in the AKA.

The first edition of “Kites and Kiters” features in-depth coverage of the Dieppe International Kite Festival that was held in September 2014 along with the writings of several AKA members, who share their perspectives of the event.

You will also find a number of very interesting and soulful interviews from kite fliers, artists, builders and historians who were kind enough to share their stories. These interviews include stories from Robert Brasington, Michel Gressier, Kathy Goodwind, kite historians Paul Chapman and George Webster, along with many others.

This new digital “Kites and Kiters” magazine offers many benefits for readers:

Expanded content: We are not limited by the number of physical printed pages.
Portability: Take it anywhere, on your phone, laptop, tablet, as well as your desktop computer.
Easily shared: Instantly, with anyone via email, text, Facebook or any other social platform.

Take a look!

The Link: