Kite Party 17

Saturday and Sunday, March 9 & 10, Huntington Beach Pier, Map If you need it.

This would normally be Kite Club Meeting weekend but since many members attend Kite Party the meeting will be Saturday, March 16.

Don’t know what Kite party is? See the Kite Party Website Here. Read all the, umm, rules and register. You must be a Registered Flyer to fly in the official KP roped off areas. Registration is limited to 100. However, just because you may not be registered doesn’t mean you can’t come. Plenty of people to see, and kites to see, and it is a big beach – you can fly a short distance away! If you do register remember, if your significant other doesn’t fly then they don’t need to register – leave the spot open for others. If you do register but then can’t attend let Dave Shenkman know as soon as possible to free up your spot for someone else.

Remember, it isn’t a festival, it isn’t a competition, it is a Kite Party!