February General Meeting

Saturday, February 9, Tecolote Shores, Mission Bay, Map If You Need It

Time: Fly All Day, Meeting Noon’ish Sharp

Lunch: Almost Certainly. Want to he a HERO and supply lunch for the club? (no you don’t have to cover all the costs yourself!) Let Iris know at treasurer@sandiegokiteclub.org

Activity: Fly a Valentines Themed Kite or Line Laundry. Or bring your Valentine to the meeting and fly with them, especially if you don’t normally. Or better yet, do both!. But don’t let your Valentine talk you into doing something else, after all it isn’t actually Valentines yet! Update 4 Feb: President Dave says a kite with a ‘Parisian Sunset’ painted on the skin will be given away to the winner of a drawing for all participants in the Valentine Themed Kite Theme.